Distribution Services

WilCan Services has the ability to distribute goods throughout the east coast. WilCan Services distributes retail products and various forms of media including newspapers, magazines, telephone books and periodicals to businesses and residences throughout Washington DC Metropolitan Area (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia). We have the appropriate supervising staff in place to ensure that operational procedures are followed and product is delivered in an efficient, effective and timely manner. WilCan trucks are dispatched to retrieve product and taken to our warehouse for distribution. Our capable dispatching staff receives the product, properly prepares it and ensures it distribution and delivery to the respective client. Your product will get to your customers safely and on time.

Home Delivery Service

We deliver newspapers and other media to residences throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan area. We have quality control measures that ensure that "free" papers are not distributed to unwanted residences. We have zip code control which ensures that advertising to specific communities is managed appropriately. We provide a bagging service that helps to ensure your product gets out in a timely manner. Our supervising staff receives newspapers and other product. They prepare and carefully filter product out to the appropriate carriers in such a way where we will always know which carrier is responsible for a specific set of newspapers or other product. Our system ensures that we will get the right amount of newspaper or other product to the right location at the right time.

Bulk Delivery

We have over 280 business locations that we deliver in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. We use the latest GPS software to map the most efficient routes for our carriers. We tailor our bulk deliver service to the needs of our individual clients, i.e; racks or bundling. We have onsite ability to bundle several products for distribution and delivery from our warehouse.